‘How cruising brought me back after Simon Cowell dropped me’ (The Telegraph)

“Tonight, Cat, I’m going to be Jerry Lee Lewis!” a 14-year-old Duke Christopher told Cat Deeley on Stars in Their Eyes in 2003. Emerging through the dry-ice in a blue satin jacket and with wavy slicked-back hair, he performed Great Balls of Fire on his feet while hammering out the song’s famous piano chords, just like the first bad boy of Rock ’n’ Roll. His charismatic copycat rendition led him to win the show.

“My dad took me to see Jerry Lee Lewis live when I was six, I remember it vividly,” recalls Christopher in his Welsh lilt. He is dressed in an immaculate white uniform, with three half stripes on each shoulder, and has one eye on a computer screen.

Duke ED.jpg

Glancing down I spy sparkly sequinned-covered tuxedo shoes, which look rather out of place in his small, pared-back office.

“Jerry’s last song was ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and he poured oil on to the piano, setting it on fire,” he enthuses. “I was hooked from that point onwards.”

Now entertainment director on Princess Cruises’ Crown Princess, Christopher oversees the 100-strong entertainment department with the help of a management team that includes the production manager and the cruise director.

He explains that impending upheaval is behind his distraction because one of the transformers in the Princess Theatre has blown, which could mean no show that night, as well as no power in three bars and restaurants.

Read the rest of the article on The Telegraph website.

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