Chocolate & crêpes: creating Jean-Philippe Maury’s world-class treats on board MSC Meraviglia (Future Cruise)

What happens when a world-class chef is asked to create his unique chocolate and patisserie range on board one of the most advanced ships in the world? Frances Marcellin finds out how patisserie champion Jean-Philippe Maury brought his culinary vision to the MSC Meraviglia.

Cruise appeal has been increasing steadily over the last decade, and business is booming for the industry. A total of $6.8bn has been invested in new vessels in 2017, which increases global capacity for a further 30,000 passengers.

As passengers’ expectations have increased, cruise companies have responded by creating ships which are holiday destinations in their own right. With the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) confirming that nearly half of non-cruisers expressed interest in taking an ocean cruise in 2017, the demand for hotel-standard accommodation, fast internet connectivity and high-quality cuisine at sea is rising, and the competition is fierce.

The Chocolat & Café store

A new generation of world-class cruising

With its newest vessel, the MSC Meraviglia, MSC Cruises is paying close attention to passenger expectations, offering the latest in on-board digital technology, a specifically designed Cirque du Soleil show, and a luxury chocolate range developed in partnership with one of the world’s best pastry chefs, Jean-Philippe Maury.

Partnerships with famous chefs continue to have significant leverage in the cruise industry. For the Meraviglia, winner of several pastry awards Jean-Philippe Maury and MSC Cruises have created the  Jean-Philippe Chocolat & Café and Jean-Philippe Crêpes & Gelato on the glitzy main thoroughfare of deck six.

The beating heart of the ship, this grand avenue-like walkway is topped by the world’s largest LED sky screen at sea, which projects moving images in different forms, including verdant dinosaur worlds and a journey through space.

With an eclectic mixture of restaurants and bars lining the balcony above – from sushi to a British gastro pub – this central high street is where conviviality peaks, especially on a Friday night where it transforms into a street party.

Yet it is also where the Meraviglia’s distinctly Mediterranean daytime café culture is nurtured.

Frances Marcellin and Jean-Philippe Maury

The art of Jean-Philippe Mary’s chocolat & café

The aroma of coffee wafts around the shiny autumnal hues of the Chocolat & Café store while the coffee beans roast behind the counter. Colourful displays of French macarons, handmade chocolates, deserts and souvenir confectionary bars – some featuring diagrams of the entire ship – catch the eye at every turn. Across the road, passengers can buy Maury’s fresh crêpes and handmade sorbets and ice cream.

As part of a partnership that started and flourished on the MSC Divina, MSC Cruises executive chairman Pierfrancesco Vago asked Maury to create a new and totally unique chocolate concept.

Famous for his record-breaking chocolate fountain at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas (an AAA Five Diamond Resort), which is officially the largest in the world, Maury decided that he wanted the guests to see that everything served is made fresh on board. As a result, chocolate making is carried out in front of guests, in the patisserie’s open kitchen.

“This is the first time that the production in one of my stores has been ‘on display’ to guests,” says Maury. “They can see the expert and intricate craftsmanship that only usually goes on behind the scenes.”

So far Maury has been pleased by the way the passengers have reacted to the public chocolate-making in the patisserie.

“Lots of people stop and watch the team as they make some of the tempting treats,” he says. “They ask a lot of questions to better understand about chocolate quality and craftsman techniques – we are really spreading the word of chocolate production and I hope guests leave feeling inspired and full of knowledge.”

Maury says that fresh ingredients, detailed recipes and well-trained chefs (of which there are ten) are factors to the success of the venture, but careful planning and well-calculated organisation has also been an important part of bringing Maury’s vision to life on the MSC Meraviglia.

Read the rest of the article on Future Cruise.

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